Reclaimed PineTables and Chairs

A reclaimed pine table can be made from oak or pine which can be crafted into the table of your dreams, rather like the other furniture we make specifically to our customers requirements, reclaimed pine tables are solid wood, no chipboard, contiboard, mdf, plywood or any other modern equivelent.

We will make your reclaimed pine table to the style of your choice, the size of your choice and to the colour of your choice. The added dimension that using reclaimed timber brings, quite apart from the eco plus points, are the opportunities to be really individual in finish all the lumps and bumps the timber has absorbed in its previous life can either be sanded out or incorporated into the table, be it a dining table or a kitchen table, creating a piece of furniture worthy of its roll as a centre piece in your home.

Table and chairs

Table Made from reclaimed Pine

Table Stool and Chair

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