Reclaimed pine wood is reclaimed timber is wood that has been salvaged from old buildings such as hospitals , factories or even old houses, it is then sorted, de-nailed and we then make it into furniture and kitchens as required.

Not only is reclaimed pine wood a very eco choice but the original tree may have been felled undreds of years ago and been of a non farmed variety which grew much slower, resulting in a harder timber vastly superior to modern fast growing varieties for furniture making.

A further feature of reclaimed pine wood is the opportunity to use the distressed features, the bumps and bruises it has gathered over the years in its previous life to add charm and individuallity to a piece of furniture such as a dresser, table or a kitchen.

Our reclaimed pine tables, kitchens and dressers or any other piece of furniture can be hand made in our workshop here on the quay in Exeter to any style and size of your choice making the final piece personal and specific to your taste and requirements.
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