About The Goodwood Cellars

I started the Goodwood Cellars some fifteen years ago because I felt that it was morally wrong to deforest our environment when tons and tons of superb timber was being burnt as waste on demolition sites across the country. The timbers that were being burnt were also steeped in history carrying the scars of their life with them...

...Old floor boards, roof timbers even old ship timbers, the variety is vast. The many different varieties of timber too that you simply don't find in a modern timber yard...

...Timber felled hundreds of years ago before the emergence of the fast growing soft woods used by today's builders...

...Timbers sawn from trees that took many many years to mature to vast proud examples of their species rather than vast rows of uniform genetically selected trees that are found in the modern managed forests of today.

Over the years we have developed ways of incorporating the features of these old timbers into our furniture designs which have become popular for their enduring strength and uniqueness. 

We produce a range of our own designs of beds, tables, chairs, fire surrounds, mirrors , boxes, chests , etc. We also handcraft bespoke items tailor made to our customers requirements. 

We do not work only in pine, but also in most hardwoods including Oak, Elm, Ash and Beech.

We are a small company. We pride ourselves on customer service and we are happy to show visitors around our workshop here on the quay at Exeter, where all our furniture is made. No cheap imports, just good down to earth, solid furniture, made by us in Exeter, Devon, England."

Richard - The Goodwood Cellars
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